How to Transfer Money in Paypal to a Western Union Debit Card?


You can transfer money in PayPal to a Western Union debit card by accessing your Western Union debit card account. It will usually take you somewhere between three and four days for the money to reach it. This is an excellent way to transfer money abroad.
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1. Log into your online PayPal account and click "Profile" in the top menu. 2. Click "Add or Edit Bank Account, then click "Add Bank. 3. Click "Checking"
There are hundreds of small shops offering pay by cash services; look out for the W.U. sign outside.You can also find one near you, by using the W.U. website.
From what I found online is that the Western Union Promo card is a scam. Thanks
A person can obtain a Western Union Gold Card by first applying for it on the official Western Union website. Once a person is finished applying they will receive the card's information
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