How to Use Figurative Language in Public Speaking.?


1. Show rather than tell. Try to find ways to describe your ideas to the audience instead of just telling them about it. For a drunk driving speech, you can describe the scene of a car crash instead of just telling them there was a crash. 2. Be
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When asked to discuss the. experience. of writing, authors often respond with figurative comparisons. That's not too surprising. After all, metaphors. and. similes. are the intellectual
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Examples of figuratively speaking about something often reduce complex situations or events to basic, elemental components. These components may actually be true ...
Metaphorically speaking means what you say is not to be taken literally. It is a way of speaking that uses figures of speech or tangible objects to represent an ...
Figurative language is vivid and descriptive. It creates an emotional tone more effectively than simple, concrete language. For example, "She was very lonely ...
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