What combination of 50 coins equals $1?


There are two ways to achieve the sum of $1 using exactly 50 coins. The first approach takes 45 pennies, one quarter, two dimes and two nickels. The other way to do it is with 40 pennies, eight nickels and two dimes.

In the first example, 45 pennies equals $0.45. One quarter is $0.25. Two dimes equals $0.20, and two nickels is $0.10. In the second way, the 40 pennies equals $0.40. Eight nickels is another $0.40. The two dimes completes the dollar, as they are worth $0.20. The first approach with more pennies offers slightly better payment flexibility when making change.

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One Dime.
45 pennies, 1 quarter, 2 dime,2 nickle
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