What Animals Live in Lakes?


There are all sorts of animals that live in lake including various varieties of fish such as salmon, bass, catfish and perch. You can also find turtles, algae and several types of snakes in lakes.
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FISH. a random person wrote that which is not true. not all lakes have fish in them but all lakes have worms that live in the sand. you may also not know this but muscles can also
Several types of plants and animals live near or in lakes. lake superior shoreline great lake image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.com. The earth is a water planet, and lakes, saltwater
Very few animals live in the waters of Mono Lake, but those which do may occur in
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Fish of many types, frogs, grebe, pelicans, platypus, cayman and a wide variety of other animal species live in and around lakes and ponds.
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The "benthic zone" is the system of animal and plant organisms residing at the bottom of bodies of water, such as oceans and lakes. This zone begins ...
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