What Animals Live in the South Pole?


The animals in te South Pole have had to adapt to extreme cold, and some have layers of fat under their skin to protect them, such as seals, and whales. Some of the fish even have special blood that does not freeze.
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Animals that inhabit the South Pole are mostly found on the Antarctic continent and its surrounding islands as well as in the polar sea, including several species of penguins, seals
Reindeer of course!
The Alaskan malamute is a powerful sled dog from Alaska. A small, white, toothed
Animals like Lions, Elephants, Black-backed jackal, Buffalo's, leopards, Rhinoceros live in South Africa.
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Several species of penguins, snow petrels, fur seals, blue whales, orcas and colossals squids inhabit the coasts Antarctica and its surrounding waters. There is no wildlife found in the South Pole.
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