What Are Encumbered Funds?


Encumbered funds are funds already committed to something. Business and non profits both often deal with encumbered funds. Business generally deal with the situation when trying to find finances to purchase something. If the funds are encumbered they can only access the specific amount of money assigned to purchase the item. Churches most often deal with encumbered funds when accepting a donation that comes with a stipulation as to what donated funds must be used for.
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The noun forms for the verb to encumber are. encumbrance. and the gerund, encumbering.
The International Monetary Fund is commonly referred to as the IMF and is an organization represented by 186 countries. The main purpose of the IMF is to secure financial stability,
Although it is uncertain, many trace the creation of the first. mutual fund. back to Dutch merchant Adriaan Van Ketwich. In 1774 Van Ketwich introduced the fund, which he called.
Encumber: To put a heavy load on; burden; To hinder or impede an action; To burden with
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