What Are Organs of the Four Quadrants of the Body?


The body's trunk can be divided into four quadrants. To know what organs are in each, consider the right upper, which includes the liver, gallbladder, duodenum, a part of the colon, the upper lobe of the right kidney, and the right adrenal gland. In the upper left, the left lower part of the liver, the upper lobe of the left kidney, a component of the colon, the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and left gland are present. The lower right includes a part of the kidney and colon; the ovary, and fallopian tube in women; the spermatic cord in males; the cecum, appendix, and the right ureter. In the left lower is a part of the kidney and colon; the left fallopian tube and ovary in a female; the left spermatic cord in males; and the ureter.
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