What Are Pink Sidewinders?


Many people want to know what pink sidewinders are because they have heard it in a Billy Joel Song. The lyrics of the song state, 'How about a pair of pink sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants.' There has been some debate about what this is a reference too, but it is a type of shoe. They are not sandals, but they are slip on shoes, often thought to be the original style of Vans, a popular manufactured brand.
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All three sidewinder species mate in April and May and occasionally in the fall. Offspring are usually born in late summer to early fall. Most female sidewinders are capable of giving
Stop if you hear it.Remain still until you locate it. When you do locate it, go in the opposite direction it is in. If you have a shotgun, use it.
An infrared air-to-air missile that homes onto the heat of a target aircraft and can operate independently of radar. Used in a dog-fighting capacity.
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