What Are the Advantages of Fungi?


Advantages of fungi include the fact that they break down organic matter. The broken down organic matter nourishes animals and plants. Fungus in the form of yeast is advantageous for making bread rise.
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Not only do non-toxic fungi make up some of the food we consume, they also contribute to a chemical-waste cleanup process called Bioremediation. Fungi, unlike us, do not digest food
Fungi are saprotrophs, meaning they recycle nutrients. Dead matter wouldn't decay if it weren't for fungi. This makes them essential in the environmnet. Without them, dead matter
Saprotrophs are mushrooms that grow and feed off decaying organic matter. Depending on the species, Saprotrophic mushrooms break down living tissue in a variety of ways. Wood decomposers
Many fungi are fatally poisonous to mammals.
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