What are Japans Natural Resources?


Japan has very limited natural resources. Forestry makes up 65% of the land. The most. Because it is near the ocean and the fact that it is an island fish is considered one of it' s natural resources. Japan's most significant natural resource is it's
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The natural resources of Japan include: negligible mineral resources, fish.
Natural Resources in:
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People are Japans greatest natural resource.
Generally, Japan is resource poor. However, natural resources include,
Look on these sites, there is information about resources. They have negligible mineral resources, and fish from what I hear. Source(s) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan. http://
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Due to overpopulation and a growing economy, Japan does not have a lot of their own natural resources. Most of the goods are exported, which is how they support ...
Japan has a limited number of natural resources. They rely on importation of oil, gas, many metals and more. A list of Japan's natural resources would include ...
Japan does not have many natural resources. Minerals deposits have been depleted and the government will not use their natural forest for profit. Most of their ...
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