What attracts a Taurus man?


According to The Astrology of Love, the main ingredients necessary to capture the attention of a Taurus male include femininity, practicality and patience. Gaining the affection of a Taurus man is considered a challenge.

Taurus men, like most males, appreciate beauty. They are attracted to elegance and the finer things in life. These men embrace order and appreciate an organized and level-headed women. Most Taurus males enjoy the sanctuary of home and appreciate a home-cooked meal. This creature enjoys taking the lead, so a partner who offers support of this quality is welcomed. It may be difficult to get a Taurus to reveal his emotions, so a woman with the confidence and sensitivity to bring out his feelings is treasured. Taurus males appreciate authenticity and quickly recognize dishonesty. Lying is something a Taurus man definitely does not find attractive.

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1. Show him that you have stability. A Taurus man craves stability in his life. He will seek this characteristic in any woman he decides to date. 2. Show a little glamor. This is
luxury, pleasure, comfort, loyalty, sex, love, food, money, wine, security, time, perfumes, chocolates, art, beauty, stability, work, rest, silk, music, peace, red, scenery, romance
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