What breed of dog is Beethoven?


The breed of dog in the movie "Beethoven" was a Saint Bernard. Saint Bernard dogs are large dog breeds that are powerful but also kind and gentle. While their coats have some variations in coloring, the dog in "Beethoven" was white with brown markings.

Saint Bernard dogs were originally bred for rescue in the Swiss Alps and Italian Alps. Their size and intelligence makes them good alpine rescue dogs, with the ability to travel through snow for miles, regardless of its depth. The size of the breed is often intimidating, but they are gentle and caring dogs that are great with children. In the movie "Beethoven," the dog's character is much like a real Saint Bernard; large and clumsy but lovable and patient. Saint Bernards are not tolerant to heat, but they do great in cold weather.

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The breed of Dog in Beethoven is a Saint Bernard.
The St. Bernard Dog is a very large breed of dog
The dog Beethoven is a saint bernard. Source(s) ME!
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