What Causes Surface Tension in Water?


Surface tension is caused by the cohesion of molecules. The cohesion causes molecules to stick together. This creates a surface that is solid-like. Water is strongly cohesive and therefore highly prone to surface tension.
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It's because of cohesion that keeps the molecules all together. The molecules in water are linked together, because they want to stay together. That is how your body stays together
Surface tension arises from the strong interactions between water
Surface tension is an increased attraction of molecules at the surface of a liquid and is caused by cohesion (the attraction of molecules to like molecules).
I am going to answer this question from a biophysical perspective. Surface tension of bilayers is/has been a controversial topic in the field. Plenty of disagreements among computationalists
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Cohesion, or the attraction of molecules to like molecules is what causes surface tension. Surface tension can be measured in force per length or energy per unit area.
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