What Causes Surface Tension in Water?


Surface tension is caused by the cohesion of molecules. The cohesion causes molecules to stick together. This creates a surface that is solid-like. Water is strongly cohesive and therefore highly prone to surface tension.
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Surface tension is caused by the effects of intermolecular forces at the interface.
The water strider uses surface tension to walk on water. It does this so that it can catch insects which fall upon the water. The water strider is an insect, and there are 75 different
1. Fill a bowl, glass or beaker with water. 2. Float a small piece of paper towel on the surface of the water. 3. Place the paperclip on top of the paper towel. 4. Push the sides
The cohesive forces between liquid
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Cohesion, or the attraction of molecules to like molecules is what causes surface tension. Surface tension can be measured in force per length or energy per unit area.
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