What Color Is Mauve?


Mauve is a pinkish shade of color. This color is used often in decorating and in clothing colors. Many shades of makeup will have mauve in their names.
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Mauve is a moderate grayish violet to moderate reddish purple.
brown, red and purple.
You could go with pastels, that is VERY 1880's but it sounds to me like you're trying to do something a little more sleeker with the mauve walls & b&w tile combination. I
Let mauve take a starring role by pairing it with light neutral colors. White, both soft and stark, provides a clean, elegant backdrop for mauve. Whites with blue, green or pink undertones
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Mauve is a mixture of violet and white.
Mauve is a dusty, pinkish color that has a tiny bit of purple in it. Mauve is a lovely color that looks great on most everyone. Mauve is a favorite color for bridesmaid's dresses.
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