What color is mocha?


Mocha is a medium-brown color. It gives a warm impression that arises from nature. It is darker than a sand color but lighter than a French roast shade.

In decorating, mocha is considered a neutral color that combines well with others. It is commonly found in commercial paints such as those made by the Behr company. For instance, paired with a light oatmeal color, mocha paint goes with lilac, medium green, light gray or brick red. However, when mocha is put together with a light toasted brown paint, the two form an attractive combination with deep purple, forest green, gray-blue or light yellow.

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OH, my favorite is Turquoise or a light aqua blue. Pink is also pretty, but not as pratical for some adults' bedrooms. Or khaki/tan.that can be very pretty. Mocha is a very versatile
Mocha brown is a reddish brown type of hair color and it can be found in any hair
An espresso is a strong shot of coffee made under high pressure. A mocha is made of espresso, but also has steamed milk and chocolate in it, and sometimes whipped cream. A frappuccino
Mocha, in coffee terms, could describes three things: a coffee bean. a coffee drink. a coffee processing region. As a coffee bean there is : Arabian or Yemen Mocha. : A small single-origin
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