What Color Is the Moon?


The lunar part of the moon has little color and appear darker to the eye. It is not Grey or white in color as it appears viewing from the earth. You can find more information here: http://www.rc-astro.com/photo/id1018.html
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The moon ranges in darkness/lightness but it's achromatic that means that it's white, black, grey, and everything in between depending on how much light hits it, how it refracts,
Neptune's moons are mostly gray, because they are thought to be KBO asteroids. KBO stands for Kuiper Belt Object.
The moon's orbit is distinctly elliptical, with the Earth at one focus. This is in agreement with Kepler's laws of planetary motion, which state that all orbits are elliptical. Orbits
The lunar surface actually does have quite a bit of color. At night we see the
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The moon is usually gray in color, but can appear yellow or red as well.
The grey color comes from the surface of the Moon, which is made of silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum. More >>
If you look at the moon during the day, it will appear to be sort of white in color, but at night, the moon usually appears yellow. However, pictures taken of the moon from outer space show its true color to be gray and also shows areas of the moon that has rocks that are greenish in color.
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