What dessert goes with lasagna?


A light dessert, such as fresh fruit or sherbet, serves as a perfect finish to a rich lasagna dinner. Real Simple's olive oil cake recipe produces a cake with moderate sweetness, and the orange segment garnish works as a more traditional dessert.

According to Global Post, fresh fruit is appropriate served on its own or with a yogurt dipping sauce. Juicy watermelon is another satisfying finish to a heavy main course. On the other hand, sherbet is also light and sweet, but the creaminess may make it a more satisfying dessert for some diners.

Real Simple recommends serving its olive oil cake with blood orange segments infused with vanilla extract. Mascarpone or whipped cream are optional toppings.

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how about picking up some chocolate canolli.or make them yourself. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/micha…. I just got this from my friend Christopher K.it looks spectacular
Meat lasagnas, traditionally layered with hearty tomato sauce and rich cheeses, pair well with full-bodied red wines such as shiraz, chianti and valpolicella. Use your own palette
Salad, garlic bread and corn are great side dishes to serve with lasagna.
Brownies and cake(do not forget cookies!
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