What dessert goes with lasagna?


A light dessert, such as fresh fruit or sherbet, serves as a perfect finish to a rich lasagna dinner. Real Simple's olive oil cake recipe produces a cake with moderate sweetness, and the orange segment garnish works as a more traditional dessert.

According to Global Post, fresh fruit is appropriate served on its own or with a yogurt dipping sauce. Juicy watermelon is another satisfying finish to a heavy main course. On the other hand, sherbet is also light and sweet, but the creaminess may make it a more satisfying dessert for some diners.

Real Simple recommends serving its olive oil cake with blood orange segments infused with vanilla extract. Mascarpone or whipped cream are optional toppings.

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You should do something light, like shortcake and berries with whipped cream,
Maby a good tirrimisu i always have it with mine.
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