How Did Pocahontas Die?


Pocahontas had boarded a ship to return to Virginia. She became very sick and died after being taken ashore. Theories propose that she may have died from pneumonia, tuberculosis, small pox, or even being poisoned.
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Pocahontas on in March 1617.
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In March 1617, Rolfe and Pocahontas boarded a ship to return to Virginia. However, the ship had only gone as far as Gravesend on the River Thames when Pocahontas became gravely ill.
After she married John Rolfe and moved to England Pocahontas contracted tuberculosis
Pocahontas died at age 22 in England of either pneumonia or tuberculosis. She was buried in Gravesend.
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Pacahontas died in 1617. She boarded a ship to return to Virginia but became gravely ill with pneumonia. Pacahontas was taken ashore and died on March 21, 1617 ...
Pocahontas was a Virginia Indian and was noted for her association with the colonial settlement at James Jamestown in Virginia. She died at the tender age of 22 ...
Pocahontas died at Gravesend ashore River Thames. He was taken ill as he was travelling back to Virginia. At the time of his death, Pocahontas was aged 22 years. ...
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