How to Light a Christmas Tree?


When you putting lights on your christmas tree you should start at the top of the tree and work your way down. Wrap it around the whole tree until you get to the bottom and then plug it in.
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i dont think christmas trees actaully have a meaning 4 christmas. but the lights probably go on the tree to make it look nice and shining?? i think it could mean .... the star on
Chances are you learned how to put lights on a Christmas tree by watching your family. There are many different ways to light a Christmas tree, and every family has its own way, which
Germany is responsible for the tradition of Christmas trees for the holidays. In the 16th century, German Christians placed Christmas trees in their homes. According to,
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Christmas lights originated from people wanting to light up the Christmas tree. The lights were said to be symbols that were meant to represent the star. ...
Christmas lights are meant to represent the star that shined over Bethleham on the day that Jesus was born. They represent the light that God gave all of us. ...
String Christmas tree lights by walking around the tree with the lights, laying them as you go on the tree. Tuck the lights into the branches of the tree. Look ...
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