What Is a Baby Swan Called?


The young one of a swan is called a cygnet or signet, a female is called pen and a male is called a cob. Swans are splendid heavy-bodied marine birds that belong to Cygnus family, having very long necks and typically white plumage.
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A baby Swan is called a cygnet.
A baby swan is called cygnet or a flapper. Swans are birds that come from the family Anatidae. There are around six to seven species of swans and they are the largest in their family. Swan meat was considered a luxury during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
A baby swan is called a cygnet. Swans are the largest members of the duck family. A male swan is usually known as a cob while the female one is referred to as a pen. They are normally found in temperate regions and they live in groups. The males help females in incubation of the eggs that take about 40 days to hatch.
A baby swan is called a 'cygnet' or a 'signet'.
A baby swan is called a cygnet. (The pronunciation for this is sig-net.)The male swan is called a cob and the female is called a pen. Swans are beautiful animals that are the largest of the water fowl.
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