What does a Chloroplast Look Like?


Chloroplasts have two layers. The inner cell membrane and the outer cell membrane. Chloroplasts are green in color because they contain chlorophyll. It is round in size and not very big. For more information look here:
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They look like shoe prints
Chloroplasts are vibrant green, globular organelles. They have sharply contrasting
Chloroplasts contain the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll. It is this pigment that makes the leaves look green, because the pigment absorbs blue and red wavelengths of visible light
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An onion cell is also a plant cell, therefore there is a cell wall in the cell, it has a nucleus, it has a chloroplast and mitochondria. ...
Both chloroplasts and mitochondria are like in that they both have their own DNAs. A chloroplast is needed by plants because it functions in photosynthesis. A ...
my pubes when it is dyed in the color green. ...
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