Meaning of a Butterfly Landing on You?


When a butterfly lands on you, it is seen as a positive sign of changes that one is going through. It symbolizes renewal or rebirth that comes from the way butterflies transform in one lifetime. This is because of the mystery in the way butterflies are born as caterpillars and then rebirth into the beautiful flying creature in almost every colour.
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Butterflies sometimes land on people as they are attracted by the salt in human sweat. Some believe that this is a sign of good luck.
When a butterfly lands on you, it means that good luck will come upon your way. This is because it is very rare for a butterfly to land on someone. However; the theory has not been scientifically proven.
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Butterflies are mostly attracted to the color yellow.
The urban legend about butterflies landing on you is that
Butterflies flapping their wings is caused by the movements of their thorax from which the wings are attached.
More you can attract the better the odds. Certain flowers have nectars that attract butterflies. So by having them in your yard and the smell will attract butterflies to you. In my
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