What Does Raw Gold Look like?


Raw gold has a gold tinged color to it. It is right out of the earth, and does not look shiny and new like most would expect it to be.
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Raw gold appears gold in color and can be found in small, hard rocks or in large amounts of dust particles. It is shiny, opaque and has a very lustrous appearance.
Raw gold is not the shiny gold color you see in stores, it is more of a buttery color and can be influenced by other minerals it contains. For instance, when mixed with copper it is more orange, and redder when mixed with iron. However it will reflect its color at all times whether in light or dark, unlike fools gold.
Have you ever run across raw gold? Raw gold is shiny, soft, and very dense; but in it's pure form, it has a bright yellow shine that is very popular for it's monetary value. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold
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