How to Select Cinnamon Plants.?


1. Select a cinnamon scented geranium. Scented geraniums are perennials called pelargoniums. Cinnamon geranium leaves are scented. When they are brushed, they give off a spicy fragrance. In mild climates, plant a cinnamon geranium in well-drained
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Tree grows up to 30 ft, & has ovate-lanceolate leaves 4-7 inches long. Panicles
Rice is a seed which comes from the monocot plant, with a growth of up to 1.8 meters tall. The plant looks like long, slender grass and has a small flower in the center.
The bark of the Cinnamon tree (a small evergreen) is used to make the spice known as Cinnamon.
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The cinnamon tree has thick reddish brown bark and leathery leaves. The leaves have a spicy smell. The tree has small yellow flowers. It is an evergreen tree. ...
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