How to Look After Freshwater Crayfish.?


1. Select an adequate-sized aquarium. Different species and breeds of crayfish require different sizes of tanks. Research your individual species to find out its recommended tank size. 2. Assemble a filtration system for your crayfish. In general, if
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They have a joined head and thorax (midsection) and a segmented body that is yellow, green, red, or dark brown. The head has a sharp snout, and the eyes are on movable stalks. The
A normal filtered / heated fish tank. Regular partial water changes, gravel vacs etc. Feed them sinking pellets or tabs. Choose tankmates with care, Large agressive fish will eat
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Crawdads are also known as crayfish or crawfish. The hole of a crawdad looks like a cone-shaped, chimney made of mud balls with a hole in it. Crawdads that burrow ...
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Crayfish are born from eggs. They mate and sperm is stored on the female until the eggs are released. A female crayfish will actually mate will multiple males! ...
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