What does a deer tick bite look like?


According to the Mayo Clinic, a typical deer tick bite looks like a small red bump. This appearance is normal and does not suggest any further problem; however, certain additional symptoms often indicate Lyme disease.

The Mayo Clinic states that signs of Lyme disease include a bull's-eye ring around the site of the tick bite. The center is red, there is a ring of clear skin around the bite, and a red ring surrounds the unaffected patch. In addition, flu-like symptoms, such as fever, chills, exhaustion and achiness, often appear.

WebMD reveals that the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is spread from animal to animal through tick bites. Mice and deer are often affected, but humans sometimes develop the condition.

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Tick bites are often painless and can have no symptoms after the tick falls off, but they can result in itching, burning and pain. If the tick is discovered before it falls off, it can be removed.
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