What does a flute look like?


A flute is a long slender tube with holes, which when closed off by the fingers, have their own unique sounds. It is said to be the earliest of musical instruments. You can make your own flute by hollowing out a bamboo shoot about 10 inches long and drilling holes about 1 inch apart.
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What Does the Flute Look Like?
The flute is a musical instrument that is part of the woodwind family. Unlike other woodwind instruments, it does not utilize a reed to funnel air. Instead, it generates sound through the passage of air through a tube. Although flutes may be made of... More »
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A flute is a metal-shaped tube which is made up of three parts: Head, body, and foot joint. It is part of the woodwind family. This instrument does not need a reed to be used.
I think a flute looks like a metal bamboo rod with holes. But actually, it is a hollow metal tube, usually 26 inches. It has three parts: the head, the body, and the foot joint. The instrument's musical keys are attached to the body where the flutist's fingers, except for the thumb, rest on them. The thumb rests on the E flat key located at the foot joint. On the head of the flute is a specific hole through the welded lip plate for the flutist to blow air for the notes.
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