What do Stratus Clouds Look Like?


Stratus clouds are what make the sky gray. They are layered, low clouds that do not usually bring rain or snow (nimbostratus do bring rain). Stratus clouds are responsible for foggy mornings (most of the time) that wears off as the day progresses.
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"Stratus" is the Latin word for layer or blanket . Stratus clouds form a low layer that can cover the entire sky like a blanket, bringing generally bleak, dull, and gray
1. Think "flat" when you're searching the sky for stratus clouds. 2. Look for an even cloud layer without the billowing associated with cumulus clouds. 3. Look for flat,
Stratus are low clouds that look like a low gray blanket, which bring snow or rain. At ground level it is a fog.
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Stratus clouds belong to a class characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base. The term stratus describes flat hazy featureless clouds of low altitude ...
Stratus clouds are wispy, fog like clouds that hover a few hundred feet above the ground. These clouds can obscure hills or tall buildings and may begin as ground ...
Snow clouds are thick white looking clouds that in some cases may have a hint of grey. It is composed of tiny ice crystals that stick together until they form ...
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