What does a vole eat?


For a few species of Vole, the main part of their diet is Douglas Fir needles. They are also known to eat insects, seeds, green vegetation, tree bark, and tubers.
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Voles eat grasses, fruits and seeds. Some voles also eat insects and small, dead animals.
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Voles don't like daffodils. Voles often live underground during winter months and survive on vegetation, including roots from grass and flower bulbs. Daffodils contain a chemical
they eat many roots and other specific things in the rainforest of the chinese nation they also like bananas cocnuts and other other tropical fruits and sharks
They feed on grasses but also eat bark, leaves, seeds, and insects.
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There are different types of voles, and some eat a little differently than others. Mostly, they eat seeds, needles, greens, grass, clover, and all kinds of vegetation ...
There are several animals that eat a vole and they include fox, coyotes, hawks, and owls. A vole is a small rodent that is similar to a mouse but has a stout body ...
Baby voles feed on milk from their mother until they are old enough to commence eating solid food such as green leafy vegetation, seeds, and grains. They are characterised ...
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