What eats flies?


A frog is known to eat flies as part of its diet. Frogs eat many other insects other than flies, but flies are its primary food source. Frogs must sometimes climb trees to reach flies.
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Different kinds of flies, of coarse, eat different kinds of things. However, if you are talking about house flies, they will eat almost anything. Whatever they eat can't be unnatural
Wild flytraps usually eat insects that crawl into them, such as beetles, ants and millipedes. They are less likely to catch flying insects, but they eat all kinds of insects of all
they eat either the garbage you leave behind or skin flakes you leave in your bed.
Anthocyanins produce specific pigments in the surface of the flytrap that lure insects. The insects consume mucilage secreted by the plant, and as they feed, the trap shuts and tightens
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Flies are low on the food chain and are eaten by many different animals. Larger insects such as spiders use them for food, as do snakes, frogs, and birds. Even larger animals, such as housecats, will occasionally chase and eat a fly.
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