What are some predators of the jellyfish?


Some predators of the jellyfish include other jellyfish, sunfish, some sea turtles and humans. Occasionally birds and other fish will bite around the non-venomous inner tissue of the jellyfish, dodging the outer tentacles altogether.

Jellyfish have a limited number of predators, since their bodies are covered in stinging cells. Jellyfish also have little nutritional benefits for predators, since they are made up mainly of water. Still, the ocean sunfish feeds on jellyfish, and jellyfish is the main food for some species of sea turtles. Also, though jellyfish of the same species will not eat one another, they will eat jellyfish from other species.

In some parts of the world, jellyfish are considered a delicacy, and are sold in restaurants as such. This puts humans on their list of predators as well.

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I work at an aquarium, and we feed all the jellies baby brine shrimp which are cultured in the aquarium. Even the smallest jellies (<1 cm) can eat the baby brine shrimp. Purchase
A sea turtle ofcourse. Well there are different turtles out there that that eat medusa jellyfish.
Many animals eat jellyfish, including sea turtles and the sun fish.
Jellyfish eat mostly zooplankton, smaller fish and sometimes other jellyfish. Some have Green Fluorescent Protein which make them glow in the dark.
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Jellyfish are eaten by fish, turtles and birds..
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