What Eats Scorpions?


Some reptiles have been known to eat scorpions. However, it is mostly the birds of Western Origin that are found in the desert with the scorpions.
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some reptiles may eat scorpions, scorpions eat other scorpions but mostly birds of the western origin in the desert.
The death stalker scorpion does not have a particular coloration since it varies from region to region. Possible colors include yellow and dark brown. The death stalker has a long
In the wild, scorpions eat a variety of invertebrates (insects, oth...
Depending on the species, Scorpions will eat Insects, very small Mammals or Reptiles, Spiders, other Scorpions, and any other small animal they can catch. Source(s): Professional
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Lizards, especially those found in the desert, eat scorpions. In addition, snakes, birds, and rodents eat scorpions. Desert areas have an abundance of scorpions.
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