What Eats Scorpions?


Some reptiles have been known to eat scorpions. However, it is mostly the birds of Western Origin that are found in the desert with the scorpions.
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The emperor scorpion has a dark glossy body, usually blue/black or brown/black. It has two red, slightly hairy and bumpy claws and a stinger. The scorpion is covered by an exoskeleton
Answer if this is if you want one for a pet, feed it crickets. if it's for knowledge of wild scorpions, they eat any bugs they can catch If you want to have a scorpion for a pet,
Meerkats are one of the few animals that can eat a scorpion without being poisoned!
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Lizards, especially those found in the desert, eat scorpions. In addition, snakes, birds, and rodents eat scorpions. Desert areas have an abundance of scorpions.
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