What Is Annular Bulging?


Annular bulging refers to a bulge in the intervertebral disc. When an annular bulge occurs, the bulge is pushing on nerves extending from the spine. Annular bulging can be very painful.
Q&A Related to "What Is Annular Bulging?"
Dehydration and dessication describe the same process of reduced disc water content usually as a natural aging process. A bulge is a type of mild herniation. Please ask your treating
Annular bulge has to do with the "padding" between the discs in your back. Over time these discs can start to flatten or bulge out. I would assume that "minimal"
1. Understand what side your herniated disc is on. That side will be called the "affected side. Stand with the affected side next to a wall. Place your feet together and about
Angularity:1:a shape having one or more sharp angles; 2:the property possessed by a shape that
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