What Kind of Rock is Basalt?


Basalt is a kind of igneous rock. It is hard and dark colored and is part of what is the earth's crust. Basalt is a volcanic magma rock which was molten at one time and can have bubble shaped cavities throughout. To find more information click here:
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What Is Basalt?
Basalt is a type of volcanic igneous rock that forms outside of the earth and is used for different purposes in construction. Discover how basalt is used as a major component of asphalt for roads with help from a science tutor and field biologist in this... More »
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Basalt is an igneous rock that forms from the relatively rapid solidification of basaltic lavas; that is, those magmas that are relatively high in iron and magnesium, and low in silica
Basalt has a high specific gravity so is most easily accessed in volcanic regions where it is ejected from the Earth in the form of magma. Most of the continents are made of granite
n. A hard, dense, dark volcanic rock composed chiefly of plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine, and often having a glassy appearance. A kind of hard unglazed pottery. [Latin basaltē
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Basalt is a common volcanic rock. It is usually gray in color. Basalt has formed on the Moon, Mars and Venus. There are 4 types of basalt, tholeiitic basalt ...
Basalt stones is a rock that is formed from the basaltic lava after it has been cooled. Most basalt stone on Earth has been formed from decompression melting. ...
The term Basaltes refers to a type of unglazed stoneware, usually black with a dull gloss, developed by Josiah Wedgwood. Its origin is a combinatio of basalt, ...
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