What Is CTC for Resume?


CTC stands for cost to company. A person puts CTC on a resume when a potential employer requests it. This helps an employer determine what they would offer for salary and benefits.
Q&A Related to "What Is CTC for Resume?"
it stands for Cost to company. the cost and employee incurs to the company on a yearly basis.
The purpose of a resume is to summarize who a candidate is as a worker. Resumes can be used when one applies for open positions, internships, education, and for competitions. Standard
The another way of asking could be 'Negotiable' which means though you have mentioned some amount as your ECTC but still you are open to negotiate or discuss on this, to fix remuneration
If you have significant gaps of employment in your career, a functional resume can better hide the dates by displaying your skills at the top of the resume instead of your chronological
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