What is caused by the uneven heating of Earth and its atmosphere?


The uneven heating of Earth's surface has a great effect on the air in the troposphere. For example, the air in the troposphere above a Canadian forest is colder and drier than the air above the ocean near the equator. A large body of air that has the same characteristics throughout is called an air mass. Air masses form in the troposphere and help determine the weather. The heat and humidity of an air mass are determined by the conditions where it forms.
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Earth's tilt The earth has an atmosphere that has objects like clouds in it. These clouds have an albedo effect that reflects the suns energy. Angle is also important. One wavelength
The uneven heating of
Main ones are: albedo (reflection lowers heating) heat capacity (land heats differently than water) and #1: direct sunlight (hot) vs. indirect (not as hot)
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