What Is Cocktail Chic Attire?


A cocktail chic attire is typically an outfit that is dressy, yet fun. For girls, this could a be a short party dress, dress pants with a blazer and colorful shirt underneath. For boys, cocktail chic is typically done by wearing a darker suit.
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Cocktail attire calls for a short dress, preferably not something you'd wear for daytime or the office. A little black dress -- glammed up with accessories -- is a
Less than formal but more than business is required for cocktail attire.
Pantsuit or a blouse and a skirt. Nothing formal. But no t-shirts.
Classy sexy and colorful. Perhaps something with a Spanish flare?
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Cocktail Chic attire means that women could wear a dressy top and pants or short party dresses and men could wear dark suits, sport coats or blazers.
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