What Is Commercialisation?


Commercialisation is the actual process of introducing a new product into the market. It is often confused with sales, business development or marketing. This process takes three key aspects for it to be successful.
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Commercialisation is a process, used to show off a new product to its respected market. Letting the public know that a company and a product is going to be out there gives the company
commercialise: make commercial
commercialised: organized principally for financial gain
I recently attended a speech by the Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission (impressive title) Her speech was about GM crops in Europe, and the opposition
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Commercialisation is like advertising. Some tourist places are over commercialised meaning it is over advertised, the are reaches out for more tourism and its goals are to sell to the tourists. Another example is as in Christmas is overly commercialized in that it is turning Christmas into a huge shopping frenzy instead of what the holiday really means.
Commercialisation is defined as the process of introducing a new product into the market; it is the selling of a product for financial gain; to exploit for maximal profit, mainly by sacrificing quality.
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