What Is Monochromatic Stainless Steel?


Monochromatic stainless steel is the same as regular stainless steel. The word 'monochromatic' means 'having one color or hue.' Designers use the term to indicate that the entire outside of an appliance is stainless steel or gray--that is, that the appearance is uniform.
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Steel contains carbon, nickel and chromium. In order for steel to be considered stainless, it must contain at least 12 percent chromium. Chromium makes the steel stainless by creating
440A is a US standard of a martensitic stainless steel. It is known to keep a hard edge but not as tough as some of the other martensitic stainless steel.
Stainless steel is made by adding chromium and nickel to steel. This makes it hard and resistant to corrosion. These properties make it a good choice for kitchen and restaurant uses
It is the Standard for banding, fastening and clamping for general applications such as the motor car industry, railways, windows and doors, restaurant equipment and maybe best known
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Monochromatic stainless steel is a term used by the appliance industry for their stainless steel appliances who's body and dispenser areas are gray to blend in with the stainless of the front.
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