What Is Non Porous Materials?


Non-porous materials are the materials which are not permeable to water, air or any other fluids. Non-porous materials include glass, metals and hard plastics. Semi-porous materials allow air and fluids to pass through them but to a very minimal extent like wood, concrete and plaster.
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The porosity of an object depends on the degree of compaction. A material with high compaction significantly reduces porosity by shrinking the size of the pores or filling them with
Granite, marble, slate, basalt.
Non-porous:not porous; especially not having vessels that appear as pores. Thanks for using ChaCha.
A porous material is a material with many small holes inside of it, like a sponge.
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A non porous material is a material that does not stain. It is not affected by chemicals, acids, and temperatures and is therefore easy to clean.
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