What is presentation graphics software?


Presentation graphics software is a type of software package designed to present graphic information in the form of a slide show. This software also integrates drawings, text, charts, music, animation and sound effects into the presentation.

Ideal for businesses and training purposes, presentation software has three main functions: It is an editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted into the show, it provides a way to insert and manipulate graphic images, and it presents information in the form of a side show. Microsoft Excel, Harvard Graphics, Apply Keynote and Corel Presentations are all types of presentation graphics software.

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Presentation graphics software is application software that allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas,messages, and other informaion to a group.
Utilized in software like Microsoft PowerPoint, presentation graphics come in packaged "themes" suitable for several occasions. A theme usually comprises a background graphic
A type of business software that enables users to create highly stylized images for slide shows and reports. The software includes functions for creating various types of charts and
After Effects. It's pretty much the gold standard. Learn it, love it.
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Definition of Presentation Graphics Software
According to Webopedia.com, presentation graphics software is software designed to allow people to make slide shows and reports. This is done through a series of graphs, charts, text and other data accumulated together into a program and arranged in a... More »
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