What are Rhizomes?


Rhizomes are a horizontal stem of a plant, which is also called a rootstalk. Some examples of rhizomes are orchids, calla lillies and cannas. For more information, look here: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-rhizom...
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a rootlike subterranean stem, commonly horizontal in position, that usually produces roots below and sends up shoots progressively from the upper surface.
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Rhizomes are plant stems that grow somewhat horizontally below the plant. They can be woody or fleshy and thick and have roots at the nodes. Rhizomes have scale leaves and often contain
Ginger is a plant with an underground stem called rhizome, that grows horizontally instead of vertically.
N : a horizontal plant stem with shoots above and roots below servi...
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Rhizome is actually the stem of a plant that is horizontal and found underground. A good example of rhizome is a harvested ginger rhizome. ...
Rhizome is an undergroung stem that is produced by some plants for the purpose of vegetative propagation. It can bud off new shoots that have the potential of ...
A rhizome is actually the main stem of the plant. It is usually located under the ground. The roots and plant shoots protrude from the rhizome. ...
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