What is Tsar?


The definition of tsar is "male emperor, or monarch"
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[zahr, tsahr]
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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in May of 1846, Peter Carl Faberge was the son of a jeweler and was to find great success following in his fathers footsteps. At the age of 18, Faberge
Tsar: A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the
tsar: a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)
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The word tsar comes from the Old Slavonic tsesari, which itself comes from the Latin word Caesar, meaning emperor. Tsar is a title used to designate certain Eastern-European ...
Tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered by the order of the leaders of the Communist Party and of the Soviet government. Because CK feared that the Russian ...
Nicholas II was the last Tsar to reign over Russia. He was born on May 6th, 1868 at the Alexander Palace. He ruled from 1894 until 1917 when he was abdicated. ...
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