What Is a Baby Bird Called?


Baby birds go by different names depending on what kind of bird they are. A baby chicken would be called a chick, a baby duck a duckling, a baby goose would be a gosling.
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It depends on what type of bird, although generally the term is 'chick'
Meat is ideal for baby birds. Like human babies, baby birds need protein to help them grow. Meat being fed to a baby bird should be raw and cut into strips. The amount of meat should
Chick: noun 1. a young chicken or other bird. I can't find a special word for a baby robin.
It's an. Asian Koel. : Full credit to Ho Qian Yi, Wong Ying Xin, Yong Yi Li and Ooi Teck Chye from River Valley High School for their study of birds and birdsong in. Singapore. [1
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