What is a baby turkey called?


A baby turkey is called a poult, which means a young fowl. A domesticated baby turkey might be called a poult or a turkeyling. Poults, when hatched, are fairly mobile and mature, allowing them to leave the nest soon after hatching.

A mother turkey (or hen, as female turkeys are called) will feed her babies for a few days, but soon after that, the poults will learn how to fend for themselves. In the wild, poults will eat seeds, insects and berries.

Male turkeys in the United States are known as toms. In Europe, male turkeys are known as stags. A group of turkeys is called a flock.

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Answer Baby turkeys are called 'Poults'.
Turkey babies are known as poults. After they hatch they flock with their
Male turkeys are called gobblers, or toms; the females, hens; young turkeys, poults. Text us 24/7!
Hen - a female turkey. Poult - a baby turkey. A chick. Tom - a male turkey. Also known as a gobbler.
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