What Is a Chicken Lobster?


Chicken lobster refers to a young or small lobster that weighs about 0.4 kilograms or less. These words are mainly used for Maine lobsters in New England. Chicken lobsters are aged between four and five years old.
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1. Decide whether to make chicken, lobster or shrimp. Clean and prepare the food for cooking and set aside while you prepare the marinade. 2. Combine all of the marinade ingredients
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Chicken pox is a viral infection accompanied by a rash that appears as small red spots or pimples. Prior to the itchy rash, fever or body aches usually occur.
Short answer A marine crustacean. Another perspective A tasty dinner. See Related Links See the Related Link below for more info on lobsters.
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chicken lobster
a young lobster weighing 1 pound (0.4 kg) or less.
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