Dilute Solution?


A dilute solution is the term that is used to describe a solution that contains a small amount of solute as compared to the amount that could dissolve. The amount of solute dissolved in the solvent is minimal, which means that the mixture contains more of the solvent than the solute.
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Sol·ute (s l y t, s l t) n. A substance dissolved in another substance, usually the
Vinegar. (although it usually contains citric and tartaric acid as well)
divide 15 by 300 and multiply by 1000.
1. Review the instructions or procedure describing the dilution of the solution to identify C1, V1 and V2. Look for typical volume and concentration units to identify these parameters
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A dilute solution is a solution in which there is more solvent than solute. For example, to dilute some solution, you could add excess water to it. You can find more information here: quizlet.com/611731/science-exam-chemistry-terms-flash-cards/
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