What is a double bar graph?


A double bar graph is a chart that uses parallel bars at proportional lengths that represent quantitative values. The length of the bar correlates with the data.

The bars on a double bar graph can be placed vertically or horizontally. Often, a bar graph has an axis that is labeled with categories and an axis labeled with numerical values. Bar graphs represent categorical data. For example, the labels can be countries, genders, age groups, races or time periods.

A double bar graph uses discrete values. The chart is made large enough to fit all of the data for each category.

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you could get confused by both of them together even if they are in color or black and white. always look carefully!
1. Draw the axes of your graph. Draw a horizontal line to represent the independent variable. Draw a vertical line on the far left side of the horizontal line to represent the dependent
A double bar graph allows us to compare two or more pieces of
Double bar graphs, also called double bar charts, help us to compare or present more than one kind of information, situations, or events instead of just one by using bars. Source(
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