Dual Court System?


The dual court system is a court system that has a separate state court system and a federal court system. Federal courts hear criminal and civil cases related to the federal constitution while the state court system deals with state criminal and civil cases. This is the legal system of the US.
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A dual court system is what we have in the U.S., which means there are higher and lower
The purpose of a dual air brake system is to accommodate a mechanically secured parking brake that can be utilized during a service brake failure and to accommodate the need for a
The dual court system is when a country has two separate court systems, usually a federal and a state system. The purpose of it - the government cannot take over the state court and
There are dual systems: the federal system and the state system.
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The dual court system consists of two separate entities: the State court system, and the Federal court system, which includes the Supreme court. You can find more information here: http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/court+system+in+the+United+States
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