What Is a Geopolitical Community?


A geopolitical community is a geographically and jurisdictionally defined community with boundaries. It is normally influenced by different geographic and political factors and its boundaries generally delineate its periphery. It can easily be identified in any kind of map.
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A geopolitical community is a community with defined geographical and jurisdictional boundaries, such as rural municipalities, towns or city communities. The boundary of a geopolitical
Well, nowadays we could categorize the world in many ways, but I particularly like Huntington´s way (you can read his interesting thesis in his book, Clash of Civilizatons)
Geopolitics:1:the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the
Community radio stations are found on the lower end of the FM dial, between 87.5 and 91.9, and they normally have a lower signal strength than the larger commercial stations. Community
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